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Red Magix-Collatan

RED MAGIX CollaTan by Lighttech

Thanks to the revolutionary new technology of CollaTan the skin stays like silky hydrated, healthy and tanned too.
This is the first special narrow spectrum, near-infrared radiation operating tube, which is able to combine many benefits of tanning and collagen tubes and in addition to this it is stimulating collagen formation. Next to the EU 0.3 optimized tanning standard it has a impressive anti-aging effect as well.
RED MAGIX CollaTan solarium lamps, combines the four most important wave-lengths from sunlight into one lamp:

$1·        UVB for creation of melanin and Vitamin D production.

$1·        UVA for a nice and healthy tanned appearance.

$1·        Blue light for skin-cleansing and a blemish-free skin.

$1·        Red light for skin-rejuvenation and smoothing of wrinkles.

The RED MAGIX CollaTan by Lighttech tanning tubes are available in different sizes and performance.
The immediate effects of Collated tanning lamps:

- Natural tan
- Hydrated skin
- Well-being
- Vitality
- There is no so called “the smell of tanning” of the skin
- Helps in Vitamin D production