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Black Magix

Black Magix the Magical Tanning

BLACK MAGIX tanning tubes is a result of several years’ research and development. We wanted to produce a unique tanning lamp, which is specifically designed to meet all the demands of the Hungarian market: short tanning time, long-lasting tan, rapid tube replacement.

We can proudly pronounce that we could further develop all existing technologies. BLACK MAGIX is a glamour member of the premium tanning tube family with maximal tanning results in all tanning machines on the market. It was a very important aspect, to make it function in a less chilled, also known as Black Care KIWISUN machines, in all types of Solisun and nevertheless in the following tanning machine brands like Ergoline, UWE, MEGASUN, Soltron, Hapro too.

The main aspects were that it should be sufficiently aggressive, but not too, to exceed the limits of the so-called sunburn. Do not burn just tan. Soon start the pigmentation. Make a lasting tan, not just 1-2 days. To increase the Vitamin D level too, after one or two sunbathing. That the sunbathing strength is adequate, even after 600 hours.

It was difficult to find the right recipe, but the feedbacks from the visitors of the studios clearly proved, that we could convert our ideas into reality.

But instead of a advertising blurb I would say: The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
Just try it!

We think that the best advertisement is, when a relative/friend recommends BLACK MAGIX solarium tube.