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„ Our mission is to promote health conscious tanning."

Our company deals with sunbeds, import of solarium tubes and distribution since 1994.
Furthermore we are in constant contact with the following foreign UV lamp manufactures like Cosmedico, Heraeus and Sylvania.
since 2001 we are manufacturing proprietary tanning tubes with the Hungarian-American Light Tech Ltd., which is one of the largest UV lamp producers in the world.
First our own
brand of tanning tubes called Xtre Sun was introduced to the Sun lamp market.
Then from 2008 due to the demands of the market we expanded our range of Xtre-Sun tubes taking into consideration the durability and UV-A performance.
Thus we created the Black Magix Sun tube product line, which was the result of several year’s testing and is one of the most reliable sunlamps on the market.
Our non-EU partners have been using with great satisfaction our tanning tube brand called Black Choco over more than 3 years.
More recently, we have been placing to the market a tanning tube which is a world sensation: this is called Red Magix CollaTan By Lighttech, which treat the youthness and beauty to the user.

Choose from our solarium tubes, to provide the healthiest and the most efficient service to your customers.
The owners acquired the knowledge and experience in Germany during several years and optimized it to the Hungarian market, this lead them to the country's oldest tanning distributors and operators. Their businesses represent the best suntan products from the dominant tanning factories in almost every part of the world. Over the years next to the offer of new and used tanning equipments they expanded it to own production machines and tanningtubes.By utilizing their experience gained over the years, they help with advises for the newly established Salons to make the best of their Studio concerning construction, furnishing and operation.

Further services:

the distribution and maintenance of new and used suntan machines
the production and distribution of suntan tubes
the distribution of tanningaccessories and cosmetics
service for tanning machines
of solarium studios